Hercules eCafe Win

Buy from Amazon UK Site www.amazon.co.uk Customer Reviews: "I’ve only had this netbook two days and I love it already. It was easy to set up, have already downloaded my i-tunes onto it, browsed the internet, and generally tried it out. Can’t believe it comes already set up with things like Windows xp and Office that I didn’t have on my lap top. The keyboard is easy to use even though it is small, it starts up very quickly and shuts down without alot of fuss. I’m not a computer genius but still wanted something that I could use to get online, check emails, create documents and listen to music without a lot of hassle. Although it came with a very clear instruction booklet (all in English) it was very easy to get going, install my choice of browser etc.It looks really sleek and shiny – think I might have to smarten up before I take it out to test the wi-fi connection! Compared to the netbooks I have seen in the shops it seems to look smarter and already has many of the things you would have to install as extras on the more expensive ones. Can’t believe it seems so reasonable for the price. I spent alot of time looking through the range of netbooks and found some reviews for this one on the American Amazon which sounded favourable. Haven’t found any negative points yet other than the time I’ve wasted trying to play chess!" Product Description Hercules eCafe Win In your Microsoft® Windows® XP environment, an exclusive eCAFÉtm interface wholly dedicated to the NetbookMicrosoft <b>…</b>

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